Weight Loss and Nutritional Support

Nutrition Coaching

Tracey Merritt- Raise Up Health

Tracey Merritt from Raise Up Health has partnered with us to provide nutritional support for severe food intolerances, as well as SIBO and gut health. Tracey has great ideas for recipes and plans to fit your lifestyle! Contact her at tracey@raiseuphealth.com

Cleanse and Weight Loss Support

Faith Frankenfield (949) 439-4860

Standard Process 7 Week Detox, Cleanse, and Allergenic Foods Elimination Program

This 3 step program is designed to eliminate chemicals and histamines from your liver and kidneys through a 3 week detox, remove toxins and heal your digestive tract and gut through a 2 week cleanse, and gradually re-introduce food groups to identify what is causing sensitivities for the last 2 weeks. This is a sugar, dairy, grains, nuts, soy, and yeast free detox. Standard Process products has custom kits depending on your food sensitivities!


Weight Loss

Our integrative system for weight loss focuses on reducing stress, getting proper nutrition, and addressing digestive health. There are lots of options for this program and can be customized for your health needs and budget. If you have struggled with weight gain your whole life, we also offer inner healing in combination with this program to heal the heart and mind sets in relation to food.


Weekly Nutritional Cleanse and Fasting Program

This program is for people who are lacking energy, easily get sick during flu season, struggle with sleep issues, struggle with inflammation, or people who need maintenance after the 5 week standard process protocol. The focus is weekly nutritional cleansing and fasting along with daily adaptogen support.