Integrated Wellness w/ Holly Malmsten

About Holly

Holly is a certified holistic practitioner specializing in emotional healing, and removing all sources of internal stress. Holly assists in establishing healthy mindsets and emotional states, which positively affect overall health of body, mind and spirit. 

What to expect in an appointment:

  • Holly uses alternative therapy techniques to identify and release  trapped emotions, traumas,, and sources of stress and to remove hindrances to wellbeing, allowing for healing and freedom to occur
  • Holly uses applied kinesiology, in the form of muscle testing, to identify underlying causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.  
  • Holly uses a magnetic device to release trapped emotions, traumas, and stored negative images.
  • Holly uses inner healing techniques and prayer to address wounds at the spirit level and to build up and strengthen the  spirit.
  • Holly offers a free 20 minute consultation to discuss in detail and to answer any questions or concerns    


Single Session -$175 1 Hr. session  

Package of 4 sessions – $665.00 1 hr. Session ($165/session)

Package of 10 sessions- $1500 (10 sessions for the price of 9)

To Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with Holly, please contact her at or visit her contact us page on her website at