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Welcome to Springs Integrated Wellness!

Springs is a holistic wellness center supported by Veronica Springs Community Church in Santa Barbara, CA. As a holistic wellness center, we provide services and products for individuals and families looking for balance in emotional, spiritual and physical health. We do this by providing a diverse atmosphere and culture for encountering God’s love and power.

Springs Wellness Services

We offer spiritual and emotional wellness and care, retreats, relaxation services, and referrals to wellness practitioners offering nutrition and alternative health services. Take care of your spiritual and emotional health by booking a Freedom Ministry appointment or de-stress with stress relief treatments from our referral partners. We offer stock and custom therapeutic products for well being as well as DIY kits and formulas for those who would like to learn how to make their own health products. Check out our Wellness Blog, where we feature guest contributors writing on emotional and spiritual health, spa and stress treatment reviews and tips, and recipes for your health needs.

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Wellness is not just physical, but spiritual and emotional too because we are multi-faceted people. Stress is the leading cause of health issues today. Our goal as a holistic wellness center is to support you with a team of practitioners that implement a plan for your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. We have an easy to use online booking system where you can download and fill out forms and communicate and confirm appointments with your practitioner. We are looking forward to supporting you on your health journey, so please contact us today!

New Year- New Mind Part 1

New Year- New Mind Part 1

I love this quote- “Even when circumstances are out of control, the way you think is completely within your power to change”.

The difference between living a victorious life and a life of a victim has to do with what you think about your circumstances. Romans 12:2 says do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I often hear this scripture used in relation to not being worldly. But in its context, the rest of the verses in this chapter revolve around what you think about yourself, and how your thinking directly correlates to relationships with those around you. Let’s face it- when something negative happens to us, it’s normal to feel disappointed, sad, fearful, depressed etc. God created emotions and they are an important part of our soul. Something negative happens, you feel disappointed, and then the real battle begins: The opportunity to hope for something more, or to fear what else might go wrong. How you handle life’s disappointments can make or break your future! Stay tuned for part of the New Year- New Mind Series next week!