Tikkun Holistic Spa

PLUS: find out on how to do your own Korean body scrub at home!

While I was recovering from an injury that prevented me from going skiing with my family, my friend Sharon and I chose to venture out to Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica for the day. Tikkun Holistic Spa is a Korean health Spa known for their body scrub and hot oil massage. I have always wanted to go back to visit after my first experience there a few years ago. 

The Spa Amenities

Tikkun Holistic Spa has several different relaxation rooms to use before and after your services that benefit your health. The Far Infrared Room radiates heat that can induce 2-3 times the volume of sweat while operating in a cooler range than a sauna. It is beneficial for detoxification, circulation, arthritis and skin conditions including acne. The Korean Hwangto Clay Room is composed of clay tiles to create a gentle heat that also stimulates detoxification. The Salt Room produces high quantities of negative ions, which are conducive for relaxation, reduction of inflammation, and purification of the lungs. There is also a large Jacuzzi to relax in and a cold room to visit in between the warmer rooms to regulate your body’s temperature

On my first visit to Tikkun Spa, I was blessed to have Solla Pizzuto as my therapist, who is one of the country’s leading experts in Chi Nei Tsang. (Chi Nei Tsang is a detoxifying abdominal massage). At the time Solla shared how not only is a Korean Body Scrub important for exfoliating skin, but it is a necessary step to add to your health routine for the process of moving congested lymph and detoxification. 

The Body Scrub

After soaking in the Jacuzzi for a few minutes, my therapist took me back to the treatment area, which was a wet room but not quite a hammam like I experienced in Tuscany. Girlfriend, if your shy this is not the treatment for you! The therapists are not shy about asking you to remove your bathing suit, and they don’t have a problem seeing you naked so you will be uncovered most of the time! I lay on a massage table and was immediately rinsed off with warm water. (Have I told you that I love when a spa keeps you warm during a scrub?) Unlike common body scrubs, which focus on a granular substance for exfoliation, the Korean Body Scrub process uses special gloves and vigorous scrubbing for exfoliation and body detoxification. Tikkun Holistic Spa also incorporates a specially made gommage for the body to assist in peeling the skin. To be frank, the scrub hurt a little bit, but beauty is pain, ladies, and I am determined to have soft skin so its worth it to me! Warm oil was poured over my back and it was so soothing, although I thought I might slip off the table at any moment, and had to hold on for dear life when she asked me to flip over. The treatment ended with a hot oil rub down (I say rub down because it wasn’t technically a massage but more than an application of oil). When finished, my therapist instructed me to sit in the sauna for 10 minutes to let the oil absorb into my skin and then take a shower. 

Create your own Korean Scrub at home!

My skin felt smoother than ever, and if I lived closer, I would join the Tikkun Holistic Spa Membership, which entitles you to a certain monthly treatments based on which package you choose. The Tikkun Scrub Club is $49 a month and comes with a 30 minute Korean Scrub with spa access once a month. Unfortunately I live too far, so I have to resort to doing my own body scrubs at home. If you are like me, and don’t have access to a spa that offers a Korean Body Scrub treatment, you can create this treatment at home! My step-by-step formula for a detoxifying body scrub and relaxing body oil is available only $10.99 and includes a link for purchasing the specialty gloves!

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